DP Re-Brands, Starts Next Phase

Since no organization, not for profit or for profit, can remain static and survive, Delivering Promise (DP) has undergone a transformation that CEO Brian Williamson believes will put us on a path to obtain new success. The re-branding of DP aims to promote the image of a contemporary supplemental educational umbrella organization that houses many different programs aimed at assisting K-12 schools better prepare their students for post graduate life. The new identity had to satisfy all of the existing expectations of our original vision while simultaneously moving the brand forward. It has always been our primary goal to create a recognizable conglomerate of supplemental educational programs that would become the benchmark. We believe this was achieved by moving our current corporate motto “We Can. We Shall. Make a Difference.” to our DP Academy Motto and replace the current corporate motto with “Everything For a Purpose”. We believe that our new motto better aligns with our current direction, vision and umbrella programs and businesses. The re-branding also brings with it our new website design and the launching of 2 new product lines...DP Silk Screening and DP Apparel. We believe the new design better promotes an image of a contemporary organization and better aligns the brand with our current goals. Our new Apparel and Silk Screening branches, we feel, are a natural extension to our current school uniform offerings. As the Silk Screening branch has officially launched (www.dp-silkscreening.com), the Apparel business (www.dp-apparel.com) is scheduled to launch later in 2017.


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