DP Adds Products

Delivering  Promise (DP) is PROUD to announce the formation and rollout of our newest products/business arms DP Silkscreening (www.dp-silkscreening.com) and DP Uniforms (www.dp-uniforms.com). It has always been our primary goal to create a recognizable conglomerate of businesses that sell products/services to fund our supplemental educational programs. We believe our first foray into this realm has hit the mark accurately and precisely. We launched DP Uniforms to give our schools a central location where they students and parents can purchase all of their uniform needs. DP has been providing school uniforms with appropriate school logos screen printed onto the left chest of each uniform sold. As we were doing uniforms, the schools we serviced also asked for peer mentoring shirts, graduation shirts and shirts for special events. After witnessing the demand for quality screen printed T's at competitive prices, our owner and founder decided to expand our operation and created DP Silkscreening where you get your Inking Done For A Purpose!


In late 2017, DP will be launching our online apparel store (www.dp-apparel.com). Our store will be stocked with the latest fashions and fashion trends at very competitive prices. We are excited and can't wait for the launch. See you later this year as you choose your Fashion For A Purpose!



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