DP To Run First Summer Academy

Starting in the summer of 2017, Delivering Promise (DP) will run its first summer academy. It will be held from June 26th - June 30th and will house eleven 5th graders from Henry Lomb School No, 20 located in Rochester, NY. The DP Summer Academy is an academically challenging program that emphasizes inquiry-based learning, project based output, fun, creativity, and critical thinking. Our program shapes our children by providing critical academic, social and emotional support. During our program, our students will spend their mornings actively interacting with our staff honing their reading, writing, arithmetic, research and critical thinking skills. In addition, our students will spend their afternoons honing their creative and/or athletic skills through participating in one of our many extra-curricular offerings. All of our instructional and extra-curricular offerings are led by our exceptionally trained staff. Attendance in our programs produces the following results: Higher state test scores Gain in reading and math proficiency Lower suspension rate Greater ability to apply process skills used in individual fields of inquiry and approaches to problem solving Higher graduation rate


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